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Have Yourself a Thai Christmas

December is well and truly here. It has rained, it’s gone cold*, and the Christmas decorations have gone up. Despite being half way around the world. I’ve received some Christmas cards from family, which has been lovely, some of which have turned out to be advent calendars (thanks Gran and Auntie B), so the whole place is beginning to feel a lot more festive.

*It’s only about 27 degrees this week, so, erm….cold.

The Big C has had a couple of decorations in for a few weeks, well maybe 2. Every time we go, there is more in stock. Last weekend, they brought out the big guns: the trees. We settled for buying a 3ft one, for a whopping £2, and have decorated it with lights, and baubles, the whole shabang. It may be small but it is awesome, very festive, reasonably homely.

The whole house has Christmas decorations all over it. Last weekend I spent a while making snowflakes, which later today I am going to connect and hang like snow mobiles. Jade’s Dad sent paper chains in his parcel, which we made last weekend while marathoning Once Upon a Time. We’ve hung them all around the windows and above the beds, it’s nice to have proper Christmas decorations up in the house from home. The little Santa toy we also have is adorable, it’s making it very tempting to buy more, that we really, really don’t need.

The Christmas cards and the advent calendars are a great addition to our make-shift decorating. The advent calendars are really great, and it has made me realise how much I am not going to take a Cadbury’s version for granted next year!! Can’t have December without a Christmas countdown.

My school desk is situated in the ‘staff-room’ on the third floor. I use the term ‘staff-room’ loosely, as it is just a classroom with our desks in, the students can come and go as they please. Anyway, behind my desk is a display board, that for the past 5 weeks has just featured sun-damaged graphs that are unreadable. I’ve decided to change that,and decorate it with Christmas drawings that look good, and mean all students who come to my desk and ogle are reading English at the same time. I know, very clever, very awesome. I’ve taken my Gran’s advent calendar in, so I luckily now have one at school and one at home.

We have heard rumours that a restaurant in town has a good Christmas thing going on and that they are going to do a Christmas dinner. Now as I am 100% sure that I am in school and don’t have the day off, we will have to pursue dinner in the evening. Going to work on Christmas is going to be a strange experience anyway, but knowing we’re missing Christmas dinner is a big bummer. At least Boxing day will be fun, we have Sports Day in school for all the kids. No teaching, sports, sounds like an interesting and new way to spend Boxing Day.

Hearing about Christmas plans of friends and family is really is really starting to make me realise that I am not going to be at home for Christmas. Well, I had realised that for a long time, but really make me realise what that means. I am getting jealous of everyone’s plans! I don’t think it helps that we don’t have any formed of our own yet, but, we will have, and we will do our best to make it awesome.

Instead of Christmas holiday celebrations, they make a colossal deal about New Years here. We have 9 days off, well one week sandwiched between two weekends, completely off. I can’t wait. We’re still not 100% sure what we’re doing. A lovely teacher in my school invited us both to a Mountain National park that has beautiful scenery and ‘seas of fog’. We’re considering it, but the draw of Bangkok with all our friends is quite big. We would be able to see what all the orientation guys are doing, do flight of the gibbon, and maybe even process our Non-B immigrant visa stuff while we’re there. Three birds, one stone and all that. We shall see.

I hope your Christmas plans are gearing up, and that the decorations are looking good!

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