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Back to the Future

Before I left to travel, before I graduated University, before I chose my University course, I was thinking about what I was going to do. What career would I pursue? Where would I consider living? Fairly big life questions all things considered, and to be honest, I ust didn’t want to think about making them yet. So I decided to travel.

When I was a child, and a teen, I always wanted to be a doctor, and so the thoughts about what subjects I would learn or take were redundant, as I knew what was needed. When the want to train as a doctor lessened, no profession or career path took its place, and I was left with the big decision of what to study at University. I opted for Geography, I love the subject and was good at it in school, and with all the environmental issues that are going on in the world, there are bound to be ample career choices.

Too many in fact. Since graduating, well since looking at the career options for a graduate with a BSc Geography degree, I have realised that I can do an awful lot, in a broad range of fields. The choice is a blessing and a curse. It is fantastic to know I haven’t limited my career options much, but not knowing what to do is not helped by having a plethora of fields to narrow down.

Teaching English is starting to agree with me. I like my classes, the kids are funny, polite and more receptive to learning now as they know who I am, and I am settling much more in the place than I was. I could see myself doing this wherever I went, I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad one yet. In my school, I currently have the perfect blend of teaching the younger children, but not being solely attached to one class like often happens in the UK. It is working for me, the responsibility of teaching an important subject to the children, combined (finally) with the necessary guidance and resources has really made me think more seriously about teaching.

The problem: this is Thailand, and I don’t want to live here for the rest of my life. I never took to teaching properly in the UK. I enjoyed helping out in the Reception of my old school enough to consider it full-time as a career, but I often found myself thinking that I just don’t want to do this all day every day. Maybe that is because I didn’t have the responsibility or the actual teaching duties that I do here, maybe it was because it was just one class, but it just didn’t feel like the right kind of fit.

I need to think about doing a PGCE application. After discussing it at length with Jade, I am 100% I am not yet ready to put in any type of application. I need to thing for longer whether going back to University is worth it. I was readyto leave last year, even though I knew getting a degree was worth it I was ready to finish education a while ago and found the whole educative experience to be a drag. Going back to University would have to feel like the absolute right decision, and as I am still unsure about teaching going forward, I am unsure whether it is worth doing!

So with this in mind, maybe I like the whole TEFL lark. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic, but is it a career? The answwer is quite probably no unless you’re willing to settle in an obscure part of the world. Thailand is not for me in the long run, but maybe somewhere else could be? I definitely think I would like to try this in South America, which would mean hugely improving my Spanish, but it would enable me to see the region. I wish this was more stable that it is, and that I wouldn’t have to live so far away from everyone to do it.

I definitely could see myself as a teacher for a while, but I think I am realising that doing conventional primary aged teaching might be the problem.I want/need something that is more than that, or different from that. When I first thought about doing teaching, I saw myself teaching disabled/handicapped children, or incarcerated pupils, but I have no experience in either, so pursuing that at this stage would be stupid. I am starting to enjoy this experience, so maybe I need to look into this as a more permanent thing.

Really, I need to start making decisions. And I need to win the lottery so they feel less important.

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