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Marathoning Extraordinaire

I have discussed, at length, over many social platforms, my ability to read books and watch TV shows quickly. Now as I am in Thailand, I feel like I should utilise this skill correctly. Increasing the amount of exercise I do and losing weight are definite goals while I am out here, by I am also looking at the free time in school and once it has gone dark at night to marathon some of those TV shows I have been meaning to watch, and reading all those books I have been meaning to get lost in.

And learn Thai. I think I mention that every time I write anything at the moment just to keep reminding myself that it is important, well, important to me. 

As I have said repeatedly since I have been here, I have a lot of free time. I can’t watch anything reasonably in work, so I think my free time there is going to be reserved for reading and writing. I’ve already read the Matched trilogy at work, and been browsing some travel blogs, and have written the start to blog posts (such as this one) when I have free time. I keep toying with starting to write properly, as this is the month of NaNoWriMo, but I don’t really know what to write, which is a problem. Write a novel is on my bucket list, so even if noone else but me reads it, I need to write something. Maybe inspiration will hit one lunch time!

Watching TV shows and films are the main things on our ‘let’s do things but save money to travel’ list while we live here in Roi-Et. As much as we want to get out and explore everything, it costs money that we want for other places later, so being able to stay in and avoid spending money on meals out and tuk tuks home is useful. The list of TV shows to watch has become so extensive that we have had to create a spreadsheet. Yes you did read that right, maybe now you can grasp just how much time we actually have on our hands. It’s kind of strange to be up to date with so many shows I like watching, especially watching things like Strictly live on iplayer (at some unearthly hour.)

It will also be nice to have seen all these TV shows that people have raved about over the years, like The Wire, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad….the list goes on, and on, and on….well you get the idea. Now as we have access to Netflix (from any region of the world) and Amazon Prime and the iplayers of the world, we don’t even have to stream them on the less than great websites.

I am hoping, really hoping, to make headway on the list I made of the IMDb Top 250 films (back in May 2013 I think) and the list of all the movies that won an Academy Award for Best Picture. We have watched a few films since being here, but unfortunately Frozen, This Is Us and Hercules aren’t on there. I think the first and last are a travesty. I’m not sure Frozen was out at the time l made the list, but that is by the by.

That is another thing I hope to do, although it isn’t an example of any Marathoning skills, running or otherwise. I’d like to cross more things off my bucket list, and there are definitely things I could cross off while I am here that don’t require spending too much money. Hopefully that list will be more complete when I land back in the UK.

Learning Thai is still high on my list, and I definitely know a couple more phrases than the last time I said I wanted to learn, but it’s difficult. The Sanskrit/Pali letters are just gobble-de-gook to me, so there is no hope learning to read it, and the language is tonal, so tonal based that even if pronunciation is spot on, if the tonal inflections are wrong, there is no hope that they will understand you. I’m going to persevere but I’m not holding out much hope. Learning hello in 50 languages is on my bucket list, that’s definitely something I could do while I am out here.

The company we work for, AYC, recently sent a link to an online free course in understanding teaching English and foreign languages from University of Southampton. I think I am going to do it, I mean there is nothing to lose considering it is free, it might help me with my teaching, and if nothing else it will look good on my CV. There are quite a few good courses on there actually: future learn. 

In the meantime while I am bored and complaining, I think I am going to go back and add some photos to my posts since I started travelling to give a bit of context to the posts, and so I can remember everything I have written.

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