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The holiday ends….

I hate it when holidays are over, I hate saying goodbye to people, I hate going back to work.

I have just made today sound awful. Oops. I don’t really want to say bye to everyone, I wish we were all travelling on together to Bali. But we’re not, so the holiday for us is on pause for 6 months, and we’re off to meet lots of new people. I can’t wait for that. I am still nervous about the teaching side of TEFL, as my experience is a tad limited, but I am excited. It’s all so new, new people, new job, new country to live in. Hopefully this will be one hell of an adventure.

The start is a little underwhelming. Because of the ridiculousness of the Bangkok road system, it is cheaper and quicker to go to the airport to connect to the shuttle back to out hotel, than it is to taxi straight there. Ridiculous. In hindsight, having used the metro more since being there, I would have gone on there, even with my mammoth luggage stash, as it would have been cheaper and quicker. If we had have done that we’d have never met Graeme, Sarah, and Emily at the airport and the week could have started out very different.

Moving to a hotel for 5 nights is a novel concept, I haven’t stayed anywhere for more than 2 nights since I left Liverpool. I can’t wait. I am going to completely unpack and sort my stuff out. Hopefully. And catch up with my blog (yeah that never happened – sorry guys) and put my tour photos on Facebook to make people jealous (also never happened, look out later!) Seriously though, I am looking forward to just stopping for a while, because as great as the tour was, stopping and taking a breather just wasn’t an option.

After rooming up, a few of us ventured to get a massage. It was hilarious. There were many parlous near the hotel – I think the area might have a few dodgy ones and all – and after venturing through the locals market with the live fish, the whole pig carcass and other delightful sights, we settled on one we thought looked good. The massage might have been better than the women’s prison, I was certainly less contorted, but it was Graeme’s hilarious commentary that made the whole thing. Having a Thai massage certainly allows a group of strangers to bond quickly.

After the massage, a few more of us joined up with one of the orientation leaders ‘King Kong’ and we ventured back to the market, and as a group, attempted street food. So far, touch wood, Jade and I have steered clear of the upset stomach, despite our adventures through street food stalls. Everyone else seemed a bit hesistant, but we all gave it a go in the end. I didn’t think Jade and I had attempted much spicy food, but clearly we are more accustomed to it than I realised; only Jade, King Kong, and I actually managed to finish!

This may not sound exciting, and yes it could have happened anywhere, not to mention at home, but afterwards, a group of us ordered a beer and sat in the hotel bar. They were showing the Liverpool v QPR match, followed by Stoke v Swansea. I have been missing football a lot, Jade has a bit to, and so the chance to watch our teams live was too much to pass up. I’m glad we won, not that we made it easy. Good to know some things don’t change when you’re away from home.

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