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If today was was a GCSE result, it would have got an A

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think ‘Today is going to be a good day?’ No, me neither, usually.

That said, this morning I woke up, and just felt happy, excited, productive, which is a bit new for me. I think I might be a morning person (my Mum would vehemently disagree considering how late I sometimes, and prefer to, rise) which is good to learn, even if I have wasted many a morning in bed.

Vietnamese Visa
Vietnamese Visa

My Vietnamese visa arrived this morning, which was a great wake to mark the 4 weeks today until I fly to Thailand marker. I am ridiculously excited. Ever since that little countdown clock on the side of my blog changed from months to days it has seemed extra real. Seeing the visa in my passport was an extra thing that made my mood soar this morning! (I have put a pic up, the weird angle is just to hide any actual details of either my passport/visa for security reasons.)

The read-a-thon with Bout of Books is going really well. I am pleased I chose to do it. Thought I would give it a bit of a mention here, but I have a blog update for all things reading throughout it, so check it out here if that’s more your thing

My friends from university are coming to visit for the weekend. They’re set to arrive tomorrow afternoon, another reason I am super excited and happy today I think. Even though it’s only been a month since I saw them, it feels like ages, and I already miss them a lot – a year is going to be a long time without them! So, yes, they are coming this weekend, for a BBQ if the weather holds out, and I have been preparing for their visit, cleaning the outside of the house, like the garden and patio and BBQ. I’ve made sure we actually have duvets for them to sleep under, and food for them to eat. The last one is a tad sketchy, I think a food shop is in order tomorrow!

This afternoon has been dedicated to worm saving, Mr Darcy swooning, job hunting, chromebook acclimatising, and globe staring. My globe arrived today, the present my parents bought for graduating, and I really like it. That may be sad, but I love maps, and I am really happy with it! I got a new chromebook to travel yesterday. It will be accompanying me around the world. So far, it has been awesome, I am still getting used to the google operating system, and the new quirks of the keyboard etc, but it seems to be really good. It weighs nothing and is much smaller than the laptops I have previously owned, which is definitely going to be a bonus when I fly/trek/drive… get the idea. Now I just need to teach my family, and my Gran, how to Skype. One day at a time though I feel! Whilst sweeping the patio I encountered a lot of worms, some were fairly hefty, I saved them, I kind of have a soft spot for worms that is completely unexplainable. And Mr Darcy, well, I am nearly at the end of Pride and Prejudice, and let’s just say, I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. But book updates are saved for my bout of books posts.

I think I am now ready to go abroad. I have my visa, as mentioned, I have completed a test pack, and I pretty much have everything I need. I got some bargains in the sale yesterday, which was good, and now probably have more clothes to go than I need or can take. Better than not having enough!! I need to get all my documents together, and I need to take the visa documents I received yesterday to the Thai consulate so that I can get my Thai visa stamped. Apart from that, I just need to get a set of rechargeable batteries and a charging pack for them, and I need to get my anti-malarials. Yes, the stuff left is mostly important, but 4 weeks out, that is all that is left.

Yes, you read that right, Joseph Gordon Levitt Tweeted me!
Yes, you read that right, Joseph Gordon Levitt Tweeted me!

It’s a Thursday night, which in our house means Pub Quiz night. Without blowing our trumpet too much, our team is pretty damn good, and we win at least one of the quizs 90% of the time (there is a picture quiz and a questions quiz!) It’s nice, and yet another thing I will probably miss when I get to Thailand. I popped on my social media after dinner tonight, and noticed Joseph Gordon Levitt had tweeted about Denmark getting Hit Record TV in the coming weeks. I am really jealous! I am a member of Hit Record, well signed up online, and although I haven’t contributed much of note, I was really looking forward to the TV show, which aired in America in January/February. I decided tweeting him to ask if/when we would get it here in the UK, and he replied, which was lovely of him. Hopefully we will get it soon. Just another little nice thing to happen to me today! (Check me out on twitter.) That spider in the opening minutes of the day must have been good luck! (for those of you who haven’t read my bout of books day 3 update, I was visited by a rather largemungous spider friend at approx 00:02 this morning.)

I have recently been writing for a fantastic Liverpool FC online community called If you are at all interested in football or Liverpool, or just have an overbearing desire to read some of my football related work, then check it out. I had a bit of time off from writing there for a few weeks ago while stuff happened here, coinciding with my break from this blog, and realised how great it is, both for my mind and my mood, to write for them! And it is getting some more of my pieces out there, which is always nice.

I thought, just to wrap it up, that I would show you one of my more strange quirks. I am not really an avid collector of anything, but, I am a supporter of various charity organisations. One of the ways I display my support, and donate, is through charity pins. Since I bought my denim backpack, I have begun collecting charity pins and badges and prominently display them on the front pocket. My nerd machine button badges fell off, and I am awaiting a Hit Record button, an NSPCC green pin, and a justice for the 96 badge, but the collection is growing!

My charity badge collection, minus my nerd machine button
My charity badge collection, minus my nerd machine button

I think that’s all. This isn’t really one of my normal posts, but the mood to write something up-beat and personal overtook me and this is what came out. Every day could always be better, I mean, I haven’t the cure for cancer or world hunger has been found, I haven’t won the lottery, and it’s not hot and sunny, but all in all, it’s been pretty damn awesome.

If you had to grade your day, what would you give it? I’d love to know. Pop a message below, it would be great to chat and get to know more of you wonderful people 🙂

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