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Bout of Books – Day 2


10am: I am up earlier than usual, this is nice, a productive day of reading will hopefully ensue. I’ve already had (and passed) a telephone job interview, and I am going out with my Aunt and Gran in about an hour, so after that, the day is dedicated to Darcy. I got some more reading done before bed, my reading count is now at 181 pages! If I struggle later, I think I am going to start High Rise at the same time, we’ll see. Watch this space!

Croxteth Hall, coffee and a good book
Croxteth Hall, coffee and a good book

3pm: I went to Croxteth Hall this lunchtime with my Aunt and Gran. It was nice, it finally stopped raining! Looking at the hall reminded me of the splendour that stately homes within Pride and Prejudice are described to have, it definitely feels like an estate that could fit within the pages of the book. It’s renewed my want to read it, which is good. I think reading it in the day is better for my concentration, I seem to progress much better with it. My reading count has risen to 206 pages.

4:15pm: I have read a bit more, but became distracted by my Rubiks Cube, which is now solved! And I completed the second of today’s challenges – the Book Spine Poetry creation. I hope it’s OK. (See Below)

10:30pm: I am now 258 pages in, making decent progress. I got sidetracked by making a goodreads, a youtube channel (so I can start posting videos and vlogs) and having a bit of a rant about social media campaigns.


There are two challenges today: OTP by Infinite Ink and Book Spine Poetry by My Little Pocketbooks

My OTP (one-true Pairing): I have to confess that I don’t usually ship book characters. It’s not that I never ship, it’s just I usually take the author’s created world as it is (in TV/film/real-life it’s a whole different story – Captain Swan anyone??) But after thinking for a few minutes, and staring at my bookshelf, I remembered a couple from my youth, that looking back, I can 100% say I shipped, hard.

Nancy drew is a an amateur sleuth, and Ned Nickerson is her varsity college boyfriend. She is described as being a red-haired, blue-eyed headstrong young woman, with a timeless look. At 14, as a red-head with blue eyes, I’m not going to lie, she was my idol, and who I wanted to be, there are worse people to look up to! Her boyfriend is described as being tall, athletic, with dirty blond hair (it’s no surprise that my first proper crush was Paul Walker really is it!) and together, I envisaged them being the perfect young couple. They had their ups and downs throughout the story, but there young love was everything a young teen growing up could hope for and want to read about.

I always read Nancy Drew stories for their detective narratives, but her relationship was always something I looked forward to discovering more about, I was always disappointed if a story did not have Ned in. Their relationship didn’t always run smoothly. In my favourite Nancy Drew story, Til Death Do Us Part, Ned proposes to Nancy at the start of the story, and my 14 yr old self could not contain my excitement; when she declined the offer, as he expected, I was devastated. Although it was only a plot device for the novel’s story, I was relieved when they finally got back together.

I never wanted them to get it on or anything, I was a little young really to be hoping to read about all of that! I think it was as much that I was imagining myself in the relationship, or shipping my future self with a potential Ned, but they were definitely the first OTP I ever had, and the novel OTP I have shipped hardest!

Book Spine Poetry:

I am not very big on poetry, but I have given this a go and I’m reasonably pleased with the result:

The Book Spne Poetry Challenge
The Book Spne Poetry Challenge

The Prophecy

Entwined With You

Of The Black Sun

Amongst A Thousand Splendid Suns

At Home, At Breaking Dawn

Just One Good Turn, By Any Means

From A Simples Life

For Your Eyes Only

Books used: The Prophecy Chris Kuzneski, Entwined with You Sylvia Day, The Black Sun James Twining, A Thousand Splendid Sun Khaled Hosseini, At Home Bill Bryson, Breaking Dawn Stephanie Meyer, One Good Turn Kate Atkinson, By Any Means Charley Boorman, A Simples Life Aleksandr Orlov, For Your Eyes Only Ian Fleming

Extra words (emboldened): Of, Amongst, At, Just From

I hope you like it!


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