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Marathons, Marvel, and Murder: A week in the life of a bored graduate

I am a Graduate. It has been official for a week now. Well, 8 days. I have uploaded all the photographs and shown them to various interested parties. I have written a post about it here to capture my thoughts on the day. I have ordered my official photographs. I’ve organised my certification and booklets from the day. Once that was done, which took me all of one afternoon, I have literally done nothing. A complete, huge, diddly squit. Nada.

The big things I meant to do were locate my passport and tidy/organise my bedroom. I would like to stress at this point that I don’t think my passport is lost, I have filed it in an EXTREMELY safe place, I have just forgotten where that place is. Very annoying, especially as I am travelling soon and need to begin organising visas etc. Let’s not panic yet, eh? And my room. Well I have been meaning to do that since I graduated. I did quite a bit when I first moved back in, but it’s really not as simple as that. My room is small, and I have a lot of stuff, and at the moment I have issues with actually moving in there. I find that when I try to sort stuff, the space I put it into to sort then blocks the place I am trying to sort it into, and vice versa. And with the hot weather (I really do my best not to complain too much with the weather, and just to be thankful when it is warm, but…) being so attractive at the moment, I just don’t want to lock myself away in a room that is already pretty damn stuffy and heat filled. I will get it done. At some point. Before my parents get home from their holiday.

So I have discussed my immense ability to marathon TV shows before. I think I might have just started Chuck, or had decided I would do. Well, now I am almost at the end of season 3. I know, already. It’s bad. Well, no it’s really not, it’s great. It’s efficient. I really love the show. I am pleased that I am able to do it because I don’t have to wait for the next week’s episode, and I don’t have it spoiled really; as soon as I start watching something I like and talk to people about it, they can’t ruin it. People, with the best interests, always say ”Oh have you got to…” or ”Oh, has [insert name here] done this yet” and yeah, that never spoils it for me. I just can’t help thinking that marathoning is a good use of any skills learnt during my degree. Oh well. One day I am 100% (more like 4.34%) sure it will come in handy.

I am not sure I would go as far as to classify myself as a nerd about anything. Well, I probably am, but not about a lot of what goes to any of, but especially, San Diego Comic-Con. I like superheroes, and their movies, I have dabbled in comic-books and graphic novels, I like sci-fi, but don’t know a lot about anything that isn’t the new Star Trek Movies, and Star Wars. I am a big Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fan, and even though I know a fair amount, I wouldn’t like to classify myself as a nerd. I love a lot of TV around at the moment, but not always what has a panel at SDCC. This all said, I love Nerd HQ and all that the nerd machine do (big shout out to Zachary Levi, who although he will never read this, is doing a great job with it.) The closeness with the fans, the chance for fans to ask their burning questions, the great cause, the celebration of geekiness and nerdiness is just awesome and I wish I could go. I might have to add it to my bucket list! Nerd HQ and SDCC, aside from watching the Marvel Universe and Marvel cinematic pieces that have taken off since I have followed film, and dabbling in Marvel literature, has made me fall in love with super heroes. Hearing Joss Whedon discuss with fans about the intricacies and technicailites of putting together some of the films, and hearing fan responses to Zac, and of course Tom Hiddleston’s panel is so cool, and makes you want to be a part of it all. Unfortunately for my productivity, it is SDCC and Nerd HQ time again, which has meant my time is spent marathoning Chuck, watching bits of Commonwealth Games, and sorting which SDCC and Nerd HQ panels to stream and keep up with. (Lemme tell you, twitter helps guys!)

The last ‘M’ in my post is not as bad as it sounds. Well no, it probably is actually. I love TV shows, films, books, anything about CIA, FBI MI5/6, Spies, Cops, criminals, serial killers, it’s all great. It forms a lot of the creative media that I consume. I think, after all the shows and books and things I’ve watched, fictional and non-fiction, that I could probably now commit the perfect murder. I would like to clarify I haven’t, and have absolutely no desire, to kill a person. But I do seriously think that I could. Not just muder, like a whole host of things that I think I could pull off, including but not limited to: White collar crimes, being a spy, shooting a gun, being a police-investigator, theft, James Bond. OK, so the last one is ridiculous, I’m female. I would love to be a spy though. I am literally the most nosey person ever. My favourite line from Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows is a line by Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes:

It’s so overt, it’s covert

So yes, rather than murder, I would like to be a spy. I think/hope I would be good at it.

I wish I could find a job, because I really feel like I have wasted this past week doing precisely nothing of note. I worry, obviously excluding the year I travel, that this is not going to change. I think I really want to work with/in/for charity, but I have no idea how to get into that. If anyone knows how to become a spy whilst also working for UNICEF than message me right now. Seriously, I am not even remotely joking.

I’ve realised doing all these cool things, such as Live Below the Line, 5k runs, daffodil selling, building school in Africa, getting Moustache tattoos, all sorts, that Charity makes you feel good, so get involved. It’s the best feeling ever to be able to do something for someone that can’t ever repay you. I recommend it. My most recent hobby is to collect charity pins/badges. You know the ones where you pay a bit of money at the checkout and they have a little pin you can take. Yeah, I am sucker for those, especially as they are for charity and stop me acquiring too many wristbands.

That changed note from marathoning TV shows, to Marvel, to Murder and to charity. You now understand vaguely the mess of tangents that exist in my brain. You may start to realise what you are getting yourself into with this blog! Please stay. Please keep reading. Please follow me on twitter and instagram. I promise I’m not really a scary TV watching murdering spy who likes marvel and stabs charity pins into teddy bears.

I am going to stop now, 1:57 am is not the time to write a blog post apparently!


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