I am so #Technologically @Challenged

Ok, so yes I have Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and I have this blog. Yes I am 22 and part of the most technologically gifted generation. Yes, I have grown up thinking it is normal and part of life to own laptops, mobile phones, i-pods, tablets, and have wifi wherever I go. But, if you saw me use any of these,  you would realise that I am seriously technologically challenged.

Let’s start with gadgets. I do have a few, a touch/smart phone, a tablet, a laptop, and an i-pod, but I am rubbish using them. I’ve always had an alright phone, never the worst/least advanced on the market, but it never has all the latest features or gizmos. I have only just sold out and got a tablet, and that was because it cost an extra £1 per month on my phone bill. I have a laptop, mainly because I needed one for school and University work. Which is obviously what it has been used for mostly, and not at all marathoning shows and attempting to use social media. As for an i-pod, well I got one of those because I do like music, and they’re meant to be the easiest to use. I’ve had it for 5 years and I can’t work i-tunes, so I’ve only ever put 2 sets of music on it. It’s a good job I put a lot of songs on at once, or I would be screwed. (It’s got Disney and rock on there, so I’m sorted. Thankfully, I know myself quite well.) I haven’t really ever dabbled in gaming. At all. I thought that was a step too far. I have only just got Candy Crush. I don’t get the fuss.

I did do ICT GCSE, I did really well in it actually, I got an A*. Yes, I am very proud. It sounds a lot more impressive than it actually was. I was never a cool kid at school, and although I wasn’t a completely nerdy swot, I did make an effort in class and with homework. I made sure I followed all the steps carefully, and worked hard at the coursework, and did well. It took me a long time, and a lot of effort but it worked out. I am one of the first years in school where ICT was main stream right from reception I think. I definitely should be more able than I am.

But alas, I am not. My answer to everything is switch it off and back on again. And if that doesn’t work, hit it. I can just about use Microsoft Office. I cried (I wish I could say this was just figuratively) when Office 2003 became obsolete. I only just got vaguely to grips with the basics of 2007, before 2010 came along, and then 2013. I have given up trying to use it properly. What is a OneDrive? What is Calibri? Where are the nice easy to use menus?! I was even worse when Windows XP went out of fashion. I got Vista, I don’t like it. Windows 7 is bearable, but it took me a long time to warm to it. I think I only came round because of how much I disliked Vista. And now, Windows 8. Don’t even get me started on that. Where is the start button? And my computer? And everything that was ever good about windows? I do like the split screen thingy that can be done now, that was a cool advancement. They can keep that. I will heap some praise on technological advancement for that one little thing that has revolutionised working. (and by working, I obviously mean having a document open in one screen and internet research in another and not at all have a blog open in one, and Netflix with Chuck open in another.)

At least I don’t have to contend with a Mac!

Despite my obvious in-competencies with technology that I have mentioned, they are nothing on my lack of ability in using the internet and social media. I know I buy into a lot of social media, but half of it was by accident. I don’t even like half of social media anyway.

I was late on the Facebook bandwagon. I don’t even like Facebook, I just got it because all my friends at school had it and it meant I didn’t have to top my phone up with credit as often. I hate it even more now, but I have friends on there that I would lose contact with if I got rid of it. It was even used to plan university group projects, and used to communicate with my boss about my rota. I get it is useful for all of that, but what is wrong with good old-fashioned talking.

I was early, by complete accident, to the twitter trend, and I think I only got it because I heard Stephen Fry had it. Obviously, that meant it must be clever. I kind of like the short snappy tweets people send, and it is useful to find out the news and sport, and see what is happening around the world. But I really am not interested in what my sort-of-friend ate for dinner (Instagram is the worst for this) or whether it was right to go with blue socks with a grey suit. I say this, but I am guilty of live-tweeting films, TV, sports, life. Yes I am A BIG MASSIVE HYPOCRITE. Probably won’t stop me using twitter. Or Instagram for that matter, which I only got to take photos of my friend’s wedding and upload them on the day. I have kept it to make everyone jealous when I travel. I have just realised, as I type, that I am going to become that person I hate on social media. Ah well, who cares. HYPOCRISY FOR THE WIN.

Then we get to blogging. I like blogging, it appeals to my more creative and expressive side. It doesn’t feel pointless like other forms of social media. I feel like it is a good outlet ( basically I can look at pictures of my favourite celebrities and rant without judgement.) I just wish I could use them. My university friend Emma is solely responsible for my Tumblr addiction (yes, I am blaming you) and I love it. I just don’t really know what I am doing. It basically is me blogging pictures of attractive, pretty, cute, funny, and weird things. Over 80 people follow me, to see what things I post. It’s very strange. It took me (literally, I wish I was exaggerating) 2 years to come up with a title, URL, icon, theme, and about that I was: a) able to use, b) happy with, c) made sense, and d) was sort of representative of the crazy world in my head.

It’s the same on here. I wanted to set up a blog when I got to University. I finally got this blog in the last week of my last year. My friend (thank you for putting up with all the questions about all things technology Emma, and for fixing Google Chrome so it actually used Google to search, and not some other weird site that I had downloaded somehow) walked me through the steps to gain the physical blog, I stole a lot of content from my other social media to make it look pretty, and I followed the step-by-step guides with help from her, and the kind folks of the WordPress community. I am kind of pleased how it turned out. My family will be able to track what I am doing when I go abroad. It reflects me, and is even linked to some of my social media accounts (you have no idea how long it took me to do that) and even better, some people actually read what I write! (Please keep doing, it makes me think that I am not just writing my rants/problems/daily activities online so I don’t forget, and that someone might be vaguely interested.) I just hope this doesn’t change too much so I can continue blogging!

Emails keep changing, and I barely keep up. I am no good at doing anything fancy, I only learned how to attach documents at University. I hope they keep emails fairly simple, they are such a useful, and free way of contacting people; they have made applying for jobs so much easier. I just wish they hadn’t completely obliterated the need for letters. I still write letters to my Gran, and sometimes my cousins, and I like receiving post; I wish it was still cool to do that!

Bleurgh. Rant Over. Sorry!

2 thoughts on “I am so #Technologically @Challenged”

  1. I feel proud of myself for getting you addicted to stuff. I’m definitely putting that on my CV under special skills. :p Also you’re welcome and I will gladly help you bumble your way through blogging and social media should you need my help.


    1. You should be proud. It is a great achievement considering how pathetic I am when using it all. I will probably need more help. Quite often.

      You should definitely put it on there. Not sure what you could dress it up as, but it should be on there for sure.


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