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I Could Be Olympic Champion One Day…

First off, I would like to clarify my post title here. I could most definitely be Olympic Champion One Day if any of the following disciplines were made into olympic sports:  ”Watching the most hours of a single TV series in the shortest amount of time” or ”Excessively marathoning TV and film” or ”Spending too much time in front of the TV whilst also blogging and tweeting on the laptop” or ”Staying up way later than I planned because I only have 2 episodes of the season left”. Seriously, I am an expert at all of the above.

I would say that my special skills started to manifest themselves at school, most notably when the second season of The OC started to air in the UK and I hadn’t seen the first season yet, and to make sure I saw it all in time, I borrowed my friend’s DVD box-set, and watched all 24 episodes of season 1 in a week. Yes, it definitely went downhill from there. At the time, I was not aware that this would develop and evolve into what can only be described as a ”super-power”. I hesitate to use that word, but I think it probably qualifies as one at the moment.

During my gap year, and my less than enjoyable first year at University, I honed this skill into an art-form more closely representing my marathoning capabilities today. My ex-boyfriend and I probably spent more time than we should have locked away watching films and TV shows, a trend I continued throughout University. By the end of first year, I think I peaked, I mean, I marathoned the first season of Prison Break in about 36 hours. Ridiculous: yes. Tiring: Yes. Worth: Absolutely. From this point onwards I realised I should utilise this to watch as much as I can, even if it means watching  back to back extended edition of Lord of the Rings with my housemates whilst planning tactical naps and snack breaks, or annoying them with my latest crush, almost entirely dependant on whether the lead character in the new TV show I have started watching is attractive/funny/clever/a spy/a criminal/all of the above (*cough*Neal Caffrey*cough*Derek Morgan*cough*)

So this ability, skill, superpower if you will, has allowed me to watch some of the most awesome movies and TV shows of the past decade. We will go with decade, I watch films from before then, but I am trying to watch all the awesome TV that my generation talks about before going back any further. So far, I have been most obsessed with Gossip Girl, Orange is the New Black, White Collar, Criminal Minds, Elementary, Sherlock, Graceland, Hannibal, The Big Bang Theory, Strike Back, Once Upon a Time, Prison Break, One Tree Hill, Game of Thrones (twice, I really can’t get into it, I’ve watched the first season multiple times and never got past it. I am determined to get up to date, mainly so I know what everyone else is talking about) The Fall, Prison Break, Chuck, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries…to name but a few (seriously, just a few – I told you it was a superpower.)

If we include all the films I have watched, then seriously, I would be here typing until I was 71 and my life would have passed me by without me knowing. There are a couple of film related ‘to-dos’ on my bucket list, so I could blame that, but I would estimate 87.453% of what I watch is rubbish, and a further 9.529% I have already seen, so it wouldn’t be very exciting. (FYI, just in case you were wondering, my favourite film is Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, which is both awesome, and good quality, and on the IMDb Top 250, so I feel absolutely fine rewatching this as often as humanly possible.)

In between all this, I have somehow planned a trip travelling around the world for a year, passed my degree, held down multiple jobs…I mean, SUPERPOWER alert. If anyone needs someone for some super awesome top secret job that involves watching a lot of stuff then I am definitely the person for you!

I haven’t even included all the sports events I have watched in this time, which  also, unfortunately, add up to a large amount of time.

I have had a life in the past few years. I did not just hole myself away in a screen filled room rocking on  my bed with the popcorn (that was just at weekends, and on some Thursday evenings) I have friends, I was a member of multiple societies and teams, none of which we ”let’s watch TV” or something.

Maybe it is because a lot of my friends also enjoy this, and have spent countless hours in front of the TV watching with me, or maybe it is because I don’t really enjoy going out and getting drunk so stayed in on many nights when my friends ventured out into the unruly streets of Lancaster, but I have had a lot of time at University to burn doing this.

Learning to stream TV shows, find cheap shops to buy old films, and discovering the true beauty of having Amazon Prime, and Netflix, and SkyGo, has been one of the most enjoyable things I have done at University. Since I have moved back into my parents house, I have realised how this is not really acceptable once you leave the lovely, squishy world of student life.

It was fun while it lasted. I regret nothing.

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